Gas Pipe Cutter Shears Under the San Gabriele Bridge

A bulldozer shears a medium pressure gas pipe under the San Gabriele bridge, with very serious risk for the entire surrounding area. The noise of the leak is very loud and can be heard hundreds of meters away throughout the historic center.

The police forces isolated the bridge and shortly after also the entire headquarters of the ASL of Teramo which is located just above and not far from the break. The gas continues to escape under the control of the fire brigade waiting for the technicians of the 2i ReteGas to stop the flow and the area can be made safe. Traffic on tilt.

UPDATE. Mayor Gianguido D ‘Alberto also intervened on the spot. The technicians of 2i ReteGas have ensured that by 11 am the area will be safe and the exhaust flow stopped.

HOURS 10. Evacuated the Asl building in Circonvallazione Ragusa. All employees on the way to the collection points. The measure adopted for safety reasons even if the explosive capacity of the methane gas, detected with the explosometers by the firefighters, is considered low.
3.00 pm The work of the 2i ReteGas technicians is longer than expected, even if the ASL management has given the order to return the staff at 3 pm, despite the fact that the gas outlet flow is still sustained, as well as the whistle, due high gas pressure in the pipeline (up to 5 bar).